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New Album Uncountable Stars Out Now

I’d love to send you a few of my favourite songs from my last solo release called ‘Raphael’s Journey’ plus let you hear the new album ‘Uncountable Stars’

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BiJo Hoggo (If we haven’t been introduced, here’s how Wikipedia describes me!)

Joanne Hogg is a Northern Irish singer and songwriter, best known for her work as the lead singer and songwriter with the Christian  progressive  Celtic/pop/rock  band  Iona.



“Joanne Hogg is possessed of a beautiful voice somewhere between Maire Brennan and Julianne Regan … which sends shivers down the spine.”
Rock ‘n Reel

“Joanne Hogg’s voice in particular is spectacular.”JoanneHogg
Q Magazine

“Hogg’s amazing, ethereal voice supported by incredible musicianship carries her gifts without overpowering them … ‘Looking into Light’ is a treasure not to be missed.”

“The unique, angelic and crystal clear voice of Joanne Hogg…. possibly without equal among contemporary rock vocalists.”
Metal Hammer (Poland)

Jo has been voted ‘Best Female Vocalist’ by the Classic Rock Society on three occasions.